Of course, we also know that our OPTIMAT 3 dosing station does not belong on the spring field…

but in a laboratory. Maybe even in your laboratory? After the last sunny weekend, we just felt like putting our electronic liquid handling station in the spotlight and attracting your attention.

Because the OPTIMAT 3 dosing station can also perform a wide range of dosing tasks in your laboratory. Seven dosing pump volumes from 2 to 300 ml are available for the user. The robust OPTIMAT 3 pumps, which safely handle even aggressive dosing media, are made of PTFE, soda lime glass and borosilicate glass and offer a visible dosing process. Since metal springs are not used in the valve system, even high-purity liquids can be dispensed without contamination.

And certainly, with the dispensing work taken off your hands, you’ll have time to enjoy nature more often.