Mission Statement and Corporate Vision


As manufacturers of liquid handling, volumetric glassware and syringes we want to be a valuable partner to our customers and suppliers and to form business relations to both our mutual advantage by monitoring social standards. We want to set new goals, in order to constantly improve better and to increase the Performance of our organisation. We want to support our employees, to hold up social values and to consider the needs of the environment.



  • Teamwork
  • Recognition and mutual respect
  • Job security
  • A good working atmosphere
  • Opportunities for extended vocational training



  • Long lasting business relations
  • cost-awareness action of the management and of the employees
  • Cost control
  • Stability

It is Poulten & Graf’s mission to manufacture, calibrate and market a range of laboratory glassware, laboratory liquid handling equipment, syringes, bottles and other laboratory products so as to produce:

  • a profitable return on capital invested and employed.
  • fair working conditions for its employees.
  • value for money and excellent service for its customers.

It is specifically Poulten & Graf’s mission to offer the highest levels of guaranteed volumetric accuracy when calibrating volumetric glassware and laboratory liquid handling devices. Products and services offered to Poulten & Graf‘s customers will be of the highest possible standards of quality taking into account its customers’ needs and aspirations. It is Poulten & Graf’s aim to work in true partnership with its customers, suppliers and its service providers to form lasting relationships.

It is Poulten & Graf’s objective to:

  • put customers first at all times.
  • provide long term and enjoyable employment to its staff.
  • work for the preservation of the environment.