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Of course, we also know that our OPTIMAT 3 dosing station does not belong on the spring field…

but in a laboratory. Maybe even in your laboratory? After the last sunny weekend, we just felt like putting our electronic liquid handling station in the spotlight and attracting your attention. Because the OPTIMAT 3 dosing station can also perform a wide range of dosing tasks in your laboratory. Seven dosing pump volumes from 2 […]

The solution for efficient work in the laboratory: the automatic FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 dosing station

Who does not know this? Serial dosing is time-consuming and therefore not very popular in the laboratory. That’s where the OPTIMAT 3 dosing station is just what you need. Seven highly resistant dosing pumps are available as an accessory, which can dose even aggressive dosing liquids from 0.1 ml to 300 ml with one dosing […]

What’ new in the Poulten & Graf laboratory webshop?

On one hand, you can expect a clear presentation of our products. Technical details are listed with each product. New pictures show our high-quality laboratory products, such as the OPTIFIX bottle-top dispensers, in the brightest light. A real advantage is also provided by the display of the current stock level. Only products that are in […]

High-quality laboratory products now available

Laptop with Laboratory products shop

What lasts long, finally becomes good! – We are pleased to open our new, clearly arranged, user-friendly webshop with our complete laboratory product range. Order FORTUNA bottle top dispensers made in Germany. Or FORTUNA all-glass syringes. Or the complete VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric glassware program, such as burettes, volumetric flasks, graduated pipettes, graduated cylinders. The best […]

Are you also dreaming of an electronic FORTUNA OPTIMAT dosing station? One that carries out your daily dosing tasks safely and precisely for you?

Then contact us today at FORTUNA(at) We will make your dream come true. We currently have 8 OPTIMAT dosing stations in stock. You can also choose between 7 dosing pumps with a volume of 2 ml to 300 ml. The spectrum of applications for the OPTIMAT dosing station is immense. No matter whether you work […]

We can not wait: the Poulten & Graf webshop for high-quality laboratory equipment will be opened soon

Be excited. In our clear, attractive and customer-friendly webshop you will find the complete Poulten & Graf program of high quality laboratory equipment. The store will be opened soon. You want to be informed? Then contact us at sales(at) And we will let you know when it starts.

Summertime = holiday time: not for our electronic dosing station FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3

Especially time-consuming routine dosing tasks are often delegated to others during the holiday season. Why not hire the new dosing colleague FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 for this purpose? With dosing pumps of 2 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml, it can be used flexibly. And it can even […]

DGA glass syringes from Poulten & Graf – the perfect product for dissolved gas analysis in oil.

Transformers play a decisive role in the production and distribution of elecric energy. Therefore, it is important for the operator to quickly detect the operating condition of the transformer. And to locate fault conditions promptly and exactly. Today the Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is one of the most important diagnostic methods to determine the condition […]

Safety first: dispensing of aggressive media with OPTIFIX dispensers

We receive a lot of enquiries about the chemical resistance of our OPTIFIX bottle-top dispensers. After all, even when working with hazardous, aggressive and toxic dispensing liquids, the safety of the user must have top priority. Our OPTIFIX dispensers offer perfect protection. Highly resistant materials, such as borosilicate glass and PTFE are resistant against most […]