VOLAC FORTUNA® burettes and automatic burettes are produced to the highest quality standards (EN ISO 385) and only according to Class AS.

Reading: With ring marks and Schellbach stripes, precise working is possible, reading the volume at the touch point of the two tips. Amber graduations are acid and alkali resistant. They are calibrated to deliver (‘EX’). Please remember the waiting time of 30 sec.

Stopcocks: VOLAC FORTUNA® burettes are offered with straight stopcocks and glass or PTFE keys. VOLAC FORTUNA® Automatic Burettes, Pellet pattern are offered with lateral stopcock and glass or PTFE keys, with or without intermediate stopcock. Precision

Burette Tips: During the production we take great care with the burette tips so that the user can always titrate with the same size of drop.


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