Monthly Archives: July 2021

Summertime = holiday time: not for our electronic dosing station FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3

Especially time-consuming routine dosing tasks are often delegated to others during the holiday season. Why not hire the new dosing colleague FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 for this purpose? With dosing pumps of 2 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml, it can be used flexibly. And it can even […]

Can liquid chocolate be dispensed with the OPTIFIX dispensers?

On the occasion of today’s Chocolate Day, we wondered whether we could dose liquid chocolate with our FORTUNA dispensers? The melting temperature of chocolate is about 37°C, depending on the composition. This would be compatible with the working temperature of our dispensers, which is specified from 15° to 35°C. With our 10 ml OPTIFIX BASIC […]