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How about jumping into the water?

Meterologists have announced the hottest day of the year for today. Here in Wertheim, the thermometer is expected to climb to 37°C!!! So it is important that our employees keep a cool head and complete your orders reliably (our order hotline sales(at) That means, of course, that they drink enough water. And maybe eat an […]

How time flies…

Exactly 10 years ago, in July 2012, construction work began on our new company building on the Reinhardshof in Wertheim. We were able to move in as early as December 2012. We still like to produce our high-quality FORTUNA OPTIFIX bottle-top dispensers and the VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric glassware at the Wertheim site.

FORTUNA glass syringes for DGA oil-gas analysis

Even if in the future our electricity is generated in a very clean way, e.g. by solar technology, we still need transformers. This is because the voltage or amperage must be adjusted accordingly even with solar power. The control of the transformers can be done with special produced FORTUNA DGA glass syringes. We currently have […]