VOLAC FORTUNA® volumetric flasks are produced to the highest quality standards (EN ISO 1042)  in borosilicate glass only. They are manufactured in class A, conformity approved. Volumetric flasks are available with rim, with ground neck (TS), with PP- or glass stopper. 

We offer a range of flasks from 1 ml to 5000 ml capacity, all manufactured to class A (ISO) standards, with permanent marking and tooled ground neck, fitted with interchangeable polypropylene stopper.

All flasks are made of borosilicate glass and are available in clear or amber glass (EN ISO 1042).

Class A Accuracy
This range has been enlarged to cover all the former class B capacities. All flasks are batch tested for accuracy and are supplied with a batch test certificate and a LOT number.

Class A Accuracy, Type WAC
Each flask is individually tested and carries its own individual number, with works certificate of calibration.

Class A according to USP
Each flask is individually tested and carries its own individual number. A Wo


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