The benefits of the OPTIFIX® SOLVENT Dispenser (Art.-No. 101 081)

Best safety
With OPTIFIX® SOLVENT, solvents can be dosed safely. As there are no metal springs used in the OPTIFIX dispenser, liquid samples will not be contaminated. By using a glass cylinder one can clearly see the liquid as it is being dosed. To avoid mistakes, the finger caps are labeled in different colours. The colour code of the SOLVENT dispenser is red.

High accuracy
OPTIFIX® Dispensers are tested in our calibration department in accordance with ISO standard 8655. By rotating the fine-tuning wheel the volume of liquid can be fixed precisely. The wheel will not move during multiple dosings so the user can be sure that the desired volume is maintained.

Premium quality made in Germany
By using high quality materials such as PTFE and borosilicate glass the OPTIFIX® SOLVENT Dispenser ensures outstanding performance for many years.

Wide volume range
The OPTIFIX® SOLVENT Dispenser is offered in nine sizes from 0.5 ml to 500 ml with a corresponding range of bottle top adaptors made of Polypropylene and PTFE. This allows a wide range of volumes to be dispensed safely and accurately directly from storage bottles.


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