Walter Rasmussen honored for 10 years at the company

Wednesday, 24.4.24 was a special date on the agenda at Poulten & Graf GmbH. On behalf of the management, Sabine Harmon thanked Walter Rasmussen for his reliability and engagement during his 10 years with the company. Walter Rasmussen’s professional career at Poulten & Graf GmbH began in the print shop, where, in addition to the volumetric measuring devices, he also prints finger protection caps and dosing cylinders for the OPTIFIX and POLYFIX bottle-top dispensers, always to professional approval. Over the years, he has expanded his area of responsibility to include dosing technology and the associated semi-finished parts. Rasmussen emphasized that he appreciates his work and the Poulten & Graf team. He is looking forward to many more years of cooperation.