Summer is here! Time for a new dosing colleague

Summer is here! Time for a new dosing colleague

Just in time for the beginning of summer the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising.

It’s time for a new colleague who will take the daily serial dosing carefully and precisely.

The electronic dosing station FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 is just the right choice for you. With a dosing pump volume of 2 to 300 ml per stroke, it doses even difficult and aggressive dosing media without grumbling. The OPTIMAT dosing pumps are made of highly resistant materials, so you can look forward to corrosion and contamination-free dosing. And even extra hours are no problem for the OPTIMAT dosing station, because it is perfectly suited for continuous operation. Currently we have some new ‘dosing colleagues’ in stock :-).

Have we attracted your interest? Then we look forward to receiving your inquiry, stating the dosing pump size you require, to: