Dispensing disinfectants with the POLYFIX dispenser, when accuracy and safety are important


Now the corona crisis lasts for more than half a year. We know the hygiene rules and we comply with them to ensure to get through the crisis well.

We at Poulten & Graf are very interested in providing you solutions for daily dosing.

You may also have purchased disinfectant in large canisters and are now looking for a way to dose the liquid safely and accurately into smaller disinfectant bottles.

In this case our FORTUNA POLYFIX bottle top or drum top dispenser, which is available in the volumes 10 ml (item no. 101.070-38) and 50 ml (101.070-48), is exactly the right choice for you!

With appropriate adapters you can screw the POLYFIX Dispenser onto your barrel. Intake tubes can be adapted to the size of the container very simple. Then set the desired volume, lift the dosing piston to fill the dosing cylinder with the disinfectant and press it down again. That’s it. The exact vomume set was dosed safely and cleanly.

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