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Available soon: the new, sterile CERIUM soda-lime glass pasteur pipettes

VOLAC Glass Pasteur Pipettes available from Poulten & Graf | Superior Laboratory Products

Are you looking for high-quality, sterile disposable glass pasteur pipettes with cotton plug? We will soon be offering these made of CERIUM soda-lime glass in lengths of 150 mm (Art.-No. D810/VA/CERIUM) and in lengths of 230 mm (Art.-No. D812/VA/CERIUM). As quantities are currently still limited, please send your enquiry to

The FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 electronic dosing station – the best investment for your laboratory

The end of the year is approaching fast. And you still have a budget left over in 2022 and are looking for a good investment opportunity? Then our FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 electronic dosing station is just the right one for you. – Robust OPTIMAT dosing pumps are available in sizes from 2 ml to 300 […]

Volumetric flasks with rims, trapezoidal flasks, mixing cylinders and beakers,…

Volumenmessgeräte aus Glas

are just a selection of FORTUNA and VOLAC volumetric glassware that we will soon be offering at favourable prices. The advantage for you is that you can save a lot of money. And for us, that we get space in our warehouse. Are you interested in the special price list? Then please contact FORTUNA(at) We […]

International Chocolate Day

On the occasion of today’s International Chocolate Day, we wondered once again whether it is possible to dose hot chocolate with our OPTIMAT 3? Although the electronic dosing station really can be used to dispense an enormous number of media, even aggressive ones, we unfortunately reach our limits when it comes to liquid chocolate. Because […]

Precise laser marking of volumetric instruments

We also offer our high-quality VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric instruments with individual certificate and lasered serial number. The following article numbers are to be considered: R385/WAC/… VOLAC FORTUNA Graduated pipettes, Class AS US385/WAC/… VOLAC FORTUNA Graduated Pipettes, Class USP R371/WAC/… VOLAC FORTUNA Bulb pipettes, Class AS US371/WAC/… VOLAC FORTUNA Bulb pipettes, Class USP R263/WAC/… VOLAC FORTUNA […]

FORTUNA glass syringes for DGA oil-gas analysis

Even if in the future our electricity is generated in a very clean way, e.g. by solar technology, we still need transformers. This is because the voltage or amperage must be adjusted accordingly even with solar power. The control of the transformers can be done with special produced FORTUNA DGA glass syringes. We currently have […]