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The FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® automatic dosing station – available from stock, while stocks last

Today, on Carnival Monday, Corona still has all of us under control. Even though the rate of new infections fortunately decreases. What we urgently need now are vaccines and medication against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. And the production of disinfectants is running at full speed.. Our FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® automatic dosing station, equipped with high-quality dosing pumps […]

New at Poulten & Graf: HENKE-JECT disposable syringes in bulk or mini-bulk packaging size

HENKE-JECT disposable syringes

In these times, everyone is happy to hear some good news. So from now on you can buy HENKE-JECT 2-part single-use syringes from 2 ml to 50 ml from Poulten & Graf in different designs (with and without cannula, Luer tip or Luer-Lock tip, sterile or non-sterile) and different packaging sizes. According to your needs. […]

All stand together – OPTIFIX SOLVENT for the production of disinfectants

The corona crisis continues to cause bottlenecks in the production of disinfectants. Therefore many producers of alcohol (e.g. distilleries, cosmetics companies) have now decided to change their production and produce disinfectants from high-percentage ethyl alcohol. Our OPTIFIX SOLVENT bottle or barrel top dispenser is ideally suited for safe and accurate dosing. It is available in […]

Made in Germany: VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric flasks and graduated cylinders

These are really no easy times right now. The coronavirus has us in its grip. We’re still here to process your orders and ship the labware out to you. Today we would like to draw your attention in particular to our VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric instruments ‘Made in Germany’, i.e. all volumetric flasks and volumetric/mixing cylinders. […]

No delivery bottlenecks due to the coronavirus – we deliver our ‘Made in Germany’ – FORTUNA OPTIFIX bottle top dispensers from stock!

No delivery bottlenecks due to the coronavirus - we deliver our 'Made in Germany' - FORTUNA OPTIFIX bottle top dispensers from stock!

As our FORTUNA OPTIFIX dispensers are 100 % made in Germany, we are not affected by any material supply bottlenecks. When you buy an OPTIFIX dispenser you can rely on the high quality and precision of our FORTUNA products. Order your OPTFIX dispenser today at our order hotline: sales(at)

The gift idea for your laboratory: the FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 automatic dispensing station

OPTIMAT im Winter

If your laboratory budget has not yet been used up, we have something great for you: with the reliable and robust FORTUNA OPTIMAT 3 dosing station, you can give your laboratory colleagues great pleasure. And yourself, of course also. You have the choice between seven dosing pumps in the volume range from 2 to 300 […]