What’ new in the Poulten & Graf laboratory webshop?

On one hand, you can expect a clear presentation of our products. Technical details are listed with each product. New pictures show our high-quality laboratory products, such as the OPTIFIX bottle-top dispensers, in the brightest light. A real advantage is also provided by the display of the current stock level. Only products that are in […]

High-quality laboratory products now available

Laptop with Laboratory products shop

What lasts long, finally becomes good! – We are pleased to open our new, clearly arranged, user-friendly webshop with our complete laboratory product range. Order FORTUNA bottle top dispensers made in Germany. Or FORTUNA all-glass syringes. Or the complete VOLAC FORTUNA volumetric glassware program, such as burettes, volumetric flasks, graduated pipettes, graduated cylinders. The best […]

Are you also dreaming of an electronic FORTUNA OPTIMAT dosing station? One that carries out your daily dosing tasks safely and precisely for you?

Then contact us today at FORTUNA(at)poulten-graf.com. We will make your dream come true. We currently have 8 OPTIMAT dosing stations in stock. You can also choose between 7 dosing pumps with a volume of 2 ml to 300 ml. The spectrum of applications for the OPTIMAT dosing station is immense. No matter whether you work […]

We can not wait: the Poulten & Graf webshop for high-quality laboratory equipment will be opened soon

Be excited. In our clear, attractive and customer-friendly webshop you will find the complete Poulten & Graf program of high quality laboratory equipment. The store will be opened soon. You want to be informed? Then contact us at sales(at)poulten-graf.com. And we will let you know when it starts.