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Lockdown in Germany. But we are still available for you!

From Wednesday, 16 December 2020, daily life in Germany will be completely shut down again: Schools, nurseries and shops will close with a few exceptions, restaurants and cafés will continue to be closed. Curfews will be introduced. This is an attempt to get the dramatically increasing numbers of Corona infected people under control and to […]

Invest your remaining budget 2020 in high-quality laboratory equipment from Poulten & Graf

We have certainliy all had quite different expectations for the year 2020. No one thought it was possible that a pandemic could turn our lives upside down like this. Not knowing the impact of the crisis on your own company or research institution, up to now you may have been rather cautions about spending your […]

Using the FORTUNA OPTIMAT dosing station for vaccine production is the best choice

Using the FORTUNA OPTIMAT dosing station for vaccine production is the best choice

In the last few days, we have been reading more and more often, that several pharmaceutical companies are making great progress in the development of vaccines against the corona virus. Especially in the current lockdown period, such good news help us to hope for a normal life after Corona. When it comes to the production […]

All you need is: FORTUNA bottle top dispenser – Made in Germany

FORTUNA bottle top dispenser

When dosing various media in the laboratory, it is very important to have 100% confidence in your laboratory equipment. You can rely 100 % on the FORTUNA OPTIFIX and POLYFIX bottle top dispensers that we manufacture in Wertheim, because for Poulten & Graf dispensers high-quality materials, proven technology and a traceable dispensing process are a […]