FORTUNA OPTIMAT® 3 Dispensing station 150 0003

FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3 Dispensing station back in the program range of  Poulten & Graf

The new design and the large touchscreen display show that the OPTIMAT® dispensing station has been completely revised. Above all, we focused on the operating comfort. The user can accurately and reliably carry out serial dispensing in volume ranges from 0.05 – 300 ml. Even aggressive liquids can be easily handled with the dosing pumps that are made out of high quality materials such as borosilicate glass and PTFE. The robust FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3 is perfectly suitable for continuous operation. Made in Germany.

Volume range
The OPTIMAT dispensing pumps are offered in 8 sizes from 0.05 ml to 300 ml. This allows a wide range of volumes to be dispensed safely and accurately directly from storage bottles.