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Can liquid chocolate be dispensed with the OPTIFIX dispensers?

On the occasion of today’s Chocolate Day, we wondered whether we could dose liquid chocolate with our FORTUNA dispensers? The melting temperature of chocolate is about 37°C, depending on the composition. This would be compatible with the working temperature of our dispensers, which is specified from 15° to 35°C. With our 10 ml OPTIFIX BASIC […]

Get vaccinated now!

Even though the number of infections is currently falling, the Corona virus still controls our lives. With the new, highly infective delta variation, it continues to have a firm grip on us. The only way to come out of the pandemic is to create herd immunity through a vaccination rate of more than 80%. In […]

Aren’t our roses a beauty?

Every employee of Poulten & Graf in Wertheim who does not work in the home office is greeted these days by this unique glory of roses. In general, the orange rose is a symbol of happiness and contentment in a loving relationship. Is that why they were planted? Or perhaps because the colour harmonises with […]

Sustainability, environmental protection and preservation of resources are megatrends!

We at Poulten & Graf also do our homework and are continuously working on these topics. We are very proud of the Interseroh certificate for the reduction of raw material. A success! By recycling PE/PP/mixed plastics, paper/cardboard/carton,light packaging and wood, we have saved by calculation 20.645 kg of resources and an additional 2.512 kg of […]

Wine Day is celebrated in the USA on 25th of May

And we celebrate it too! – And why not? There are already quite unusual ‘holidays’ around the world. Like Towel Day or Lost Sock Day, for example. We’ve been thinking about introducing Bottle Top Dispenser Day. Because it doesn’t exist yet. And, because the bottle-top dispenser, especially our OPTIFIX and POLYFIX dispensers, are indispensable in […]