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Pittcon 2021 – unfortunately only virtual because of Covid 19

We would actually now be in the process of preparing for Pittcon 2021, which was to take place in New Orleans on 8 March. Flights and hotel rooms would have been booked, the exhibits would have been packed. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic is again upsetting our plans. Although the trade show is taking place virtually, […]

We long for spring

After the freezing temperatures lately, we were finally able to recharge our batteries a little on the weekend. It was warmer and the sun was shining as well. Even though we know, that spring doesn’t actually start until 20 March, we may dream that it will come earlier this year and simply make the Corona […]

The FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® automatic dosing station – available from stock, while stocks last

Today, on Carnival Monday, Corona still has all of us under control. Even though the rate of new infections fortunately decreases. What we urgently need now are vaccines and medication against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. And the production of disinfectants is running at full speed.. Our FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® automatic dosing station, equipped with high-quality dosing pumps […]

FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® – the reliable dosing colleague also for your laboratory

Especially in the current pandemic period, people are trying to automate work processes. We are talking about routine processes, such as the precise and efficient filling of different dosing media. Our FORTUNA OPTIMAT dosing station is ideally suited for this purpose. Dosing pumps are available from 2 ml to 300 ml. Depending on your application. […]